The Intelligence: Die besonnene Energiewende (repost)

Link zu meinem Artikel im Informationsportal The Intelligence vom 12.04.2011 / Link to my article in the German info portal The Intelligence (04/12/2011)

Cleantech-Chancen in der Schweiz (Opportunities for Cleantech Companies in Switzerland)


Aloe Blacc on His Career Strategy (Interview)

Becoming an instant celebrity has turned into the life goal for millions. Being a celeb is a career presumably accessible to everybody through casting shows and Reality TV. It may happen quickly and sometimes does not even require any specific talent, it seems. The reality of becoming and staying a pop star over a certain period of time while expanding the own talents, however, looks a bit more laborious. Besides the talent and passion, it requires a huge amount of discipline, endurance and patience. Above and beyond, it takes a long time to get rewarded for what you do and only a small portion of artists gets international recognition and the monetary compensation that comes along with it. After 15 years in the business, soul singer Aloe Blacc seems to have reached this point of international recognition. 

I was grateful that he gave me some of his time after a very long day on the road and his performance at Zurich’s Kaufleuten to share some insights with me about his career-building strategies. I got the impression that his experience in the industry has taught him to stay a little suspicious of the business – a true professional.