Infinite Loops

Twitter friend @TeraEuro documented one of our recent discussions about the Target2 issue in the Eurosystem. It primarily deals with the issues of Target2 as such. However, it also alludes to many more semantic levels you are cordially invited to discover - or not.

Anyways, with each and every topic available online anytime, life may easily give you a feeling of being in an infinite loop. 
Have a look at @TeraEuro's "Endlosschleifen":


China Banking, Lesson #1 - Melody walks into a bank

Thanks to the wonderful tweeples @mtwirth and @melodychia, I learn tons about the daily business that is Chinese retail banking. Can't wait for more to come.

Here's lesson #1: Attempting to withdraw money.
As a feature, it's a good way to prevent a bank run or lower the savings rate - something other economies might want to copy (Chinese patent pending?).